enemy mine | swan lake

my friend emailed me the new swan lake album today and what i've heard so far is pretty fantastic. swan lake is comprised of pretty much my favourite musicians in canada - carey mercer from frog eyes, dan bejar from destroyer and the new pornographers, and spencer krug from sunset rubdown and wolf parade. bam!

here are three songs for you to download off the album:
spanish gold, 2044 | a hand at dusk | spider

(if you are very hungry, email me and i'll send you more! xx)

five songs.

since my ipod was wiped clean a few months ago, i've gotten into the habit of stealing entire collections of music off of the hard drives of various people i know in an effort to catch back up. the best part about doing this is that you end up with so many guilty pleasure awesome songs that you'd completely forgotten about until JUST THAT MOMENT.

after a quick browse through my ipod, here are some of my favourites for you to download!:

eminem: like toy soldiers.
murder inc, benzino and a paul simon sample. it doesn't really get better than this, right? i love how eminem is a serious musician. i love when he wears his little wire frame glasses with his white t-shirts and his ridiculous grey sweat pants. it's true, he is a total stud.

ryan adams: wonderwall (oasis cover).
this song is soooooo earnest. you really get the sense that ryan adams MEANS IT. he means every word of this song. today really is the day where they're gonna throw it all back to you. you get the feeling that he probably lays in bed when he's bummed out, listening to his version of this song over and over again. is he still dating parker posey? i love ryan adams.

journey: don't stop believin.
probably the best song ever written.

amerie : take control.
i have no qualms with liking amerie. i actually LOVE amerie. especially this song. and especially the fact that she's half korean. whaaaaaa? 'take control' is pretty much the perfect r&b pop song. it has everything you could ever want - it's all dancey and has some good messaging, plus it's sexy and amerie has mad booty.

andrew w.k: she is beautiful.
remember how awesome this video was? a couple of years ago i watched an interview he did with nardwuar the human serviette, and he had a little scab on his forehead that he picked at until it bled. he picked at it because nardwuar asked him to, not because it was itchy. SERIOUSLY! this is like my favourite love song ever.

good eats!

besides ridiculous activities, we spent alot of this weekend eating.

go go gadget.

an insane marathon of a weekend, i'm looking forward to a week of being good humans and going to bed early.

rap up.

a buzzing friday at the agency + waiting for my last meeting to start. this weekend is gonna be soooo awesome, because LOMANG and wordy are back in town, because of bananas at shelter, because of the dingbats brasil exhibit tomorrow at the foundry, because of the daedalum films screening of up from the underground (hardqueen documentary), because of ....... whew. there is so much stuff going on this weekend, it's ridiculous. where you gonna go, what you gonna do?

the photo above is from beijing -- the only vanity plate i've ever seen in china. you can also see adrian strutting off to the side. he's hardcore.


creep outs not make outs.

found this little guy in my sink the other night, i properly freaked out, screamed like a little girl and left the house running. this morning, i woke up and saw him again (i hope it was the same guy), except this time he was dead, still in the sink laying on his back, creepy little legs sticking straight out.

where there is one there is a million, right? time to bust out the raid, summer has hit shanghai.

what i see...

1) when i'm laying in bed.
2) when i'm riding my bike.

busy busy busy, deep breath xx.

beijing bubbbbles.

massive weekend in beijing for the strawberry festival. also got to go to hot pot & also the 3rd anniversary of one of my favourite bars in the world. d22 awesomeness. carsick cars awesomeness. overindulgence and unbelievably ridiculous happenings. i don't think we went to bed before the sun came up once. there was alot of strung out insane behavior. it was so fun!!

i uploaded a ton of photos from the weekend to flickr, so check out my strawberry festival flickr set. i'm gonna need a couple days to recuperate. my body will never be the same. chase the dream, not the paper!! xx.

ps. i forgot to mention, i fake dj'd at c's bar on thursday night for their indie night party, it was so fun! someone needs to teach me how to mix properly. now that kidplastik is in town, i think that someone is going to have to be him. internets forever yo.

change the world.

it's been a while since i last updated, mostly because shit's been crazy. yesterday was founders day at the agency, and it meant setting 120 wieden'ers loose on the streets of shanghai for a hectic day of nuttiness. highlights included watching an esteemed colleague get his dick area waxed, copious amounts of alcohol, ktv, dance lessons, chinese wedding portraits, peep shows, fortune telling, the uigur jimi hendrix, about a zillion prizes, alot of smoke, about 30 cab rides, and running around like crazy.

i think it went well. i just ordered 1,400rmb worth of mcdonalds to the office. do you know how awesome it is to tell someone "i want to order 50 big macs"?